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Training Tips for Western Riders Volume IV Edited by Jane Pattie (Used)

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From the Introduction

The Fact that this is the fourth in a series of "how to" books should make one fact abundantly clear: Most every person who rides a horse would also like to know how to train horses.

     Someday, perhaps, psychologists will figure out why this is.Our mission, meanwhile, is to give novice riders some clues as to how they can do it. And so this is our fourth effort to call forth the best professional advice we can get from people who make a living figuring out all kinds of horses.

     That is the point we would urge you to keep in mind while reading these chapters. Not all the trainers whose words you see here are exactly alike. Each has his own particular view of doing things. You may find them, on occasion, using different techniques to do the same thing. They are individuals, the same as every horse you will ever ride is different from other horses, in some way.

     So, for this book to be really helpful, you need to consider each trainer represented here in a totally different way. What do they train horses to do? How did they train themselves? In what ways do they compete? This explains why we have given short profiles of each trainer-contributor - and many readers will know a great deal more about these people since most are active in showing and competing. 

     In this way- by selecting training advice from different individuals- we seek to present the broadest experience, in print, that is currently available. Most of the chapters here originally appeared in HORSEMAN Magazine during the 1960s, and some of those issues are now out of print. Preserving this professional advice in book form will, we hope, make it useful to succeeding generations of horsemen. Especially since all generations of horse owners meet essentially the same problems - and solve them by patiently applying lessons learned from those who have gone that way before. 

Bob Gray


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