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The Undisciplined Horse: Every owner's guide to understanding and solving vice, disobedience, behavioral, and training problems in the stable, field and under saddle by Ulrik Schramm

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It is a fact that there are good and bad riders and there are also tractable and intractable horses. Riding ceases to be a pleasure if the horse fails to understand the rider's commands, or does not chose to obey them. This book aims to identify the cause of disobedience and to suggest a corrective remedy, but his remedy will never be brutal or unfair because he acknowledges that perfect harmony between rider and horse. Perfect accord between rider and horse is a pleasing spectacle, but one which is too rarely presented. The author tells us that overriding ambition and inflated egos are at the root of the aggressiveness that often dishonour the sport and when they spoil the pleasure of riding, it would be wiser for the competitive rider to chase laurels in some other sport that does not require the participation of another living creature. Riders of all standards would do well to study this humane and thoughtful guide to corrective training. In doing so, not only will they learn much about their horses, but also about themselves.

"Understanding why horses develop behavioral and training problems starts with a good basic understanding of horse psychology. As the author, a veterinarian and leading horseman, states, riding is not truly a sport if unity of mind does not exist between horse and rider. The modern loss of general "horse knowledge" has contributed to a loss of rapport between horse and rider, and to a loss of empathy for what a horse is feeling or thinking. Schramm therefore approaches the correction of vices (ranging from kicking or pulling to outright lawlessness such as bucking or rearing) with a basic discussion of why the horse has learned to act out in this manner. No horse is a born wind sucker or biter; they learn these behaviors through incorrect handling. Schramm's commonsense advice is clearly stated, and the psychology behind both the vice and its remedy carefully explained. Translated from German, the book has a European feel; but horse psychology is universal, and genuine horsemanship is multinational. An excellent selection for libraries with equestrian patrons." - Nancy Bent

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