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The Rider Forms the Horse: function and development of the muscles of the riding horse

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In this eagerly awaited republication which was first published in 1939, the authors, Udo Bürger and Otto Zietzschmann, describe the requirements for performance, health and longevity of the riding horse in a very understandable and clear way. And what was true in 1939 is still true today! That's why this book is perfect for acquiring a better understanding of riding lessons, especially classical riding lessons.
The authors explain physiological findings as the basis for riding lessons and explain important clues for training the horse and recognizing and resolving training problems.
The Olympic champion and former national coach Klaus Balkenhol and Dr. of veterinary medicine, Gerd Heuschmann.
According to Klaus Balkenhol, through proper training and an understanding of the connections between muscular activity and the skeleton in the interaction of both different training phases, average horses can become top horses.
From a veterinary perspective, good and well-thought-out riding is still the only and best protection against all health problems for horses. Dr. Gerd Heuschmann sees this book as mandatory reading for responsible sport and recreational riders, regardless of discipline, trainers, judges and veterinarians.

ISBN: 978-1948717564

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