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The Imperial Horse: The Saga of the Lipizzaners by Isenbart & Buhrer - gently used copy

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Although the authors of this uncritical celebration of the imperial white horses of the Austrian Empire claim that "their silvery charm cannot be captured in words; no description, no poetry can reproduce the impression the free-ranging horse makes on the receptive observer," they carry on in this effusive, repetitive vein for the entire volume. Amid many anthropomorphisms (when the mares and foals are separated, "at least, it's a good thing that so many playmates stay together. They can console each other for their loss"), the authors (The Kingdom of the Horse detail the Lipizzaners' exalted position in history, rescue by General Patton during World War II, breeding process, various pedigrees, and the 414-year-old Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The beautiful animals are striking in the abundant color photographs and paintings as they strut their stuff at the circus, the Olympics, President Reagan's inauguration, etc.
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