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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dressage by Martin Diggle
Xenophon Press

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dressage by Martin Diggle

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This authoritative resource includes biographical entries of prominent trainers, competitors, judges, and authors—past and present—from countries around the world, and is attractiVely illustrated throughout with photographs of eminent individuals and drawings and engravings from books authored by those mentioned within. The book also contains entries explaining dressage terminology, gaits and movements, major events, associations and establishments, equipment, and important publications. Handsomely bound and engagingly written, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dressage is essential reading for every dressage aficionado.

Martin Diggle is the author of seven books on riding, and a professional editor. In the latter role, he has worked with a number of contemporary equestrian authorities, and has been fascinated by how often they acknowledge the influence of past masters, and how often such acknowledgement is echoed down through generations. He has also discovered that, while methods of riding and training may alter according to individuals and circumstances, and while debates may rage around certain points and personalities, there is, at the very least, a considerable consensus regarding principles. He has therefore complied this series first, to give the thinking rider easy access to the methods of the master and second, to help prevent training errors that fly in the face of the received principles.

Format: Hardcover

Total Page Count: 264

Illustrations: 168 color, b/w photos & illustrations

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