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The Horses of the Conquest by R. B. Cunninghame Graham 1949 (Hardcover without dust jacket)

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The author was uniquely qualified to pen such an important equestrian tale. Born in 1852 to a aristocratic Scottish family, Cunninghame Graham spent his youth working as a gaucho in Argentina, before becoming an outspoken Member of Parliament in London. A lifelong horseman, Don Roberto was also one of the first European writers to defend the rights of native peoples. Fluent in Spanish, Cunninghame Graham did extensive research into Spanish archives, thereby discovering manuscripts which had lain unread for centuries. The result was a book written, Don Roberto says, out of gratitude to the horses who shaped history. Amply illustrated with drawings of period horses, their riders and various pieces of equestrian equipment, "The Horses of the Conquest" remains one of the most important equestrian books ever published.

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