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The Complete Horse Care Maunal - The Essential Practical Guide to All Aspects of Caring for Your Horse by Colin Vogel B.V.M. (Used)

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A comprehensive and thoroughly practical book on every aspect of horse care. The essential book for every horse owner, The Complete Horse Care Manual contains everything you need to know to give your horse the best care possible. Stressing the importance of understanding a horse's basic needs, Colin Vogel provides precise advice on: feeding, grooming, and exercising your horse all year round; stabling your horse; fitting bits, bridles, and other pieces of tack -- and keeping them in top--notch condition; handling your horse properly -- using correct techniques along with your knowledge of your horse's patterns and temperament; recognizing and treating the symptoms of common equine illnesses; dealing with emergencies, either on your own or with the help of a vet. Complete with charts covering daily, monthly, and annual routines and care, information on transporting and showing your horse, and explanations of how the natural behavior of horses can help you understand your own horse's behavior, The Complete Horse Care Manual provides all the information and the insights you need to keep you horse healthy and fit.

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