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The Lost Quiotes: The Art of Collecting the Riding Horse DVD by PAUL BELASIK

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"The Art of Collecting the Riding Horse: The Lost Quixotes" DVD by

Dressage, like dance, is much more than a series of technical movements.
When practiced at its best, we see that dressage always encompasses both art
and science to produce something that transcends logic and becomes a beautiful

Why does COLLECTION elude so many riders? What is Collection?

'Collection is the concept or rebalancing the combined weight of horse and
rider toward the hind end, lightening the forehand."

Although difficult and elusive, the pursuit of collection has historically,
and continues to be a worthwhile pursuit.

In this DVD, Mr. Belasik clearly explains the history of the development of
collection, the key historic masters that influenced the evolution of the
concept. He shows the key strengthening exercises needed to develop collection.

A perfect companion to 'DRESSAGE IN THE 21st CENTURY' this DVD has remarkable
footage describing the living process of a modern day master.

Like Miguel de Cervante's legendary character,Don Quixote, Paul
Belasik takes us into the complex world of collection, where sometimes even
"the brave dare not go."

Divided into 5 succinct chapters: Introduction to Collection, The Old
Masters and the Birth of Classical Dressage, What is the Art and Science of
Collection?, Understanding the Horse's Nature, The Exercises and Paul’s
important Conclusion.

This DVD is not to be missed!

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