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The Annotated H.DV.12: The rules of equestrian culture explained anew by Gerd Heuschmann and Kurd Albrecht von Ziegner

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Due to be printed in late 2024

The army service regulations from 1912 are the origin of today's guidelines for riding and driving. Former colonel Kurd Albrecht von Ziegner and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann supplement the rules of riding culture with the latest findings and their wealth of experience. Their fresh interpretation of the historic manual was first published in German in February 2017 and is now available for the first time in English.

The H.Dv.12, the army service regulation from 1912 last updated on August 18, 1937, was a “service regulation” of the German army. It deals with the training of horses and riders for use in cavalry units. Many of the training rules were incorporated into the guidelines of the German Equestrian Federation (FN) after the Second World War. Those who follow these guidelines can use the H.Dv.12 as a riding doctrine and as a concrete guide for the versatile training of young horses.

"Finally an explained edition of H.Dv.12! Internationally renowned veterinarian and trainer, Heuschmann and master of the Training Scale, Albrecht von Ziegner bring this classic to light. Both experts dedicated their lives to the fair and kind training of horses. Both commentators are serious authors in their own right.

"This is a welcome addition to the Xenophon Press library and fills in the blanks of what was, until now a not always easy to follow manual of classical horsemanship. A deep bow and thank you to both commentators." - Publisher/Editor, Xenophon Press

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