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Solo Schooling by Wendy Jago (used)

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Learn to coach yourself when you're riding on your own

     Many Riders school alone, either all or most of the time. If your are in this situation, you will probably have experienced how easy it can be to lose direction and motivation, to take perceived failures to heart and to become discouraged. If you were lucky enough to have a personal coach, they would dispel these problems through the key coaching roles by:

  • Helping you to set realistic goals
  • Keeping you on track as you work achieve them
  • Supporting you through difficulties
  • Helping you find the resources you need
  • Celebrating your achievements, large or small, public or private

     How would you feel if you could learn to do all these things for yourself? In this book, Wendy Jago shows how you can become your own coach by using NLP techniques to expand your way of thinking in ways that are entirely practical, logical, and realistic.

     Wendy Jago is one of the first people worldwide to be qualified in coaching the NLP way, bringing together two sets of powerful skills which share a belief in the potential of the person being helped. In this practical and exciting book, she shows how you can use these skills to become your own coach, thereby developing your riding in an enjoyable yet purposeful way. 

     While it contains novel and thought-provoking ideas, Solo Schooling is a very down-to-earth book, packed with illustrations and anecdotes from many everyday riding scenarios. It will prove valuable to riders of all levels and disciplines, and assist them and their horses to achieve their true potential!

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