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Seat, Gaits, and Reactions & The Evolution of the Position of the Rider through the Ages by Captain de Sevy

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Now in print September 2023

Before talking about riding and dressage, Captain de Sévy studies the gaits of the horse, emphasizing the role of the pendulum-neck. He establishes the link between the horse's movement and the rider's attitude and reactions based on observations and analysis of photographic views. 

In the section devoted to the rider, the author approaches the concept of flexibility by proposing exercises-which we rediscover today-aiming at the independence of the parts of the body and leading to the acquisition of a correct seat, the essential prerequisite for the proper use of the aids.
The Equitation chapter presents an analysis of the use of aids, then the use of gaits in the training of the horse and the education of the rider. The proposed dressage progression is centered around two qualities: submission and balance.
Beginning with Greece and Rome, de Sévy analyzes the different postures that characterize the major developments in the history of horse riding. He continues from the ancient precepts up to the regulations and guidelines which are still the basis of our teaching today. A short study on the seat prolongs this essential work which allows us to understand the modern methods of taming a horse for riding.

This work was first published by The Cavalry School, Fort Riley, Kansas in 1930. Xenophon Press' edition is fully annotated and footnoted bringing this important work back in print.


isbn: 9781948717540

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