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Schooling Exercises In-Hand: Working Towards Suppleness and Confidence by Oliver Hilberger

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December 1, 2022


A “how to” book for working horses in-hand: from starting out through lateral movements. For anyone training a horse in dressage, classically based in-hand work is a valuable but unfortunately often underappreciated part of the education process. All too often, it is a rarely used tool, yet in-hand work offers vital variation to our everyday routine and educates both the horse and trainer. Oliver Hilberger gives particular emphasis to the description of lateral movements and the preparation for the more advanced movements. With detailed diagrams, filled with pictures, this book is a “must-read” for anyone seeking to acquire the skill of in-hand work to rehabilitate, gymnasticize and supple their classically trained horses.

From the contents:

• The purpose of in-hand work

• Equipment to be used

• Starting out: your position on the ground in relation to the horse and the aids

• The horse in motion: exing, bending, forward, backward

• Lateral movements” shoulder-in, renvers, travers, half-pass

• Advanced work

Oliver Hilberger works with horses following the principles of classical riding. He places great value on making meaningful supplying exercises accessible to anyone wishing to try them.
ISBN 9781948717458

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