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Rope Your Dream by Monte Alkire- gently used Paperback
Xenophon Press

Rope Your Dream by Monte Alkire- gently used Paperback

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With a measured gait and a short reign, Rope Your Dream by Monte Alkire is a direct and thoughtful approach to directing readers on getting what they want out of life. The fact is it is never too late to think big, and it is certainly never too late to live your dream. And there’s proof—the proof is in the author’s decision to take up team roping at the not so tender age of fifty-four. Beginning at ground zero, his amazing tenacity, perseverance and hard work paid off when he placed in the top twenty at the national championship level. This is his story. This is his mission—sharing an uplifting, often funny tale on how to approach tough situations with a level head and a winning heart. For readers who are pursuing a passion, this author has a universal message for all ages that stakes a bold claim on making a champion in one’s action, behavior, and mindset. The journey to excellence begins here.

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