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Releasing the Jaw, Poll, and Neck: More Lessons in Lightness with Mark Russell - DVD -

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Releasing the Jaw, Poll, and Neck

More Lessons in Lightness with Mark Russell DVD

Mark will show you how to teach your horse to relax and soften to the bit. Once the student learns the process, the horse will begin to seek this state of relaxation, and a positive feedback loop enabling progress can begin. Relaxation allows the horse to access healthy ways of being and going, paving the path to Art Form Riding.

Due to prior experience, anxiety, or injury, some horses first introduced to this approach may become confused, defensive, or may be physically or psychologically challenged. In the film, you will see Mark teaching seven different horses in clinic settings. Each horse has a different set of challenges. The work is done on the ground with the simple bridle teaching the horse to release tension by relaxing at the jaw, poll, and neck. Acceptance of the bit and soft contact result. This work is essential to all progress in riding and, left unaddressed, can be the very reason riders and horses are mysteriously “held back” in their progress. Relaxation is foundational.

Releasing the Jaw, Poll, and Neck: More Lessons in Lightness with Mark Russell is intended to be used in conjunction with the author’s book: Lessons in Lightness, Expanded Edition, and his other DVDs: Lessons in Lightness: Building the Horse’s Foundation in Hand and Riding with Chi. Available from coproducers Xenophon Press and Natural Dressage.

Mark Russell 1951 - 2016, was a master in the application of equine biomechanics. He began his career in his teens and developed his approach after studying with Master Nuno Oliveira in the 1980s. His lifetime practice of Tai Chi and Chi Gong greatly shaped his approach to horses. Mark’s gifts were to see, understand, and form a deep connection to all horses fortunate enough to have encountered him.

© Hela Russell 2021

ISBN: 978-1948717298

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