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Practical Eventing by Sally O'Connor HARDCOVER - gently used copy

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The first edition of this classic work was one of the most useful books ever written on the sport of eventing. And now, with updated photos and revisions to the text, it's even better! In Practical Eventing, Sally O'Connor helps every eventer from the lower levels through Preliminary, offering guidance and advice, especially for those without the resources for extensive training with professionals. She leaves nothing unsaid in the way of choice of horse, daily schedule, lungeing, use of gymnastics, and actual riding of competition. Sally O'Connor's first book published with us, Common Sense Dressage, has helped countless riders, especially those who must work on their own most or all of the time- --we have a large file of thank you letters from them. In Practical Eventing, she does the same service for eventers. Practical Eventing is generously illustrated with over 140 photos and 30 illustrations.

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