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Pilates for the Dressage Rider by Janice Dulak (Gently Used)

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     In this excellent book, dressage rider and Level 2 Pilates Instructor Janice Dulak has compiled a program specifically designed to help the dressage rider enhance her ability for success in dressage.

     While they use different terms, both Pilates and dressage share an emphasis on the torso, or "Powerhouse" in Pilates-speak, and achieving core strength good posture and muscle flexibility. The goals of a Pilates programmer often identical to what riders try to achieve in the saddle in the sport of dressage. 

     The book shares three basic goals:

  • To give the reader an introduction to Pilates and basic workout to do at home or on the horse,
  • To help the rider understand and gain control over the engagement of her own spine, and
  • To guide the rider toward using the knowledge gained through the practice of Pilates to help her find new ways to use her body to improve her riding.

     The exercises in the book have ben culled from over 500 Pilates exercises and have been specifically chosen to best suit the needs of the dressage rider. Clear photos and detailed instructions clearify each exercise.


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