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New AquaGrip Black Synthetic BIONIC Equestrian Glove

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AquaGrip features the patented pad technology that enables you to hold the reins with a lighter, more relaxed grip.


The glove is made of a suede Micro Fiber which performs better the wetter it gets.


The only Equineglove designed by an orthopedic surgeon to improve your grip and produce better connection between you and your horse. Bionic AquaGrip™ is specially manufactured to improve your grip in even the dampest of conditions, the wetter it gets the better your grip.

One of the best kept secrets about riding glove comfort. Back to by popular demand, Xenophon Press brings you the gloves that you will want to live in. Save your joints, relief from pressure, rubs, stress, these gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon to address the pressure points caused by the closed hand position of equestrians. We have lived in ours for nearly 10 years and love them !

Q: Should you order Men's or Women's gloves?

A: Go by the size chart of length of hand and circumference of hand. Some women fit best into the men's models depending on the proportion and size of the hand, and vice versa. Be sure to select the correct length to circumference ration. Watch the sizing video-it is easy to follow and takes the guesswork out of ordering.

Here's how to measure for Bionic Glove best fit (be sure to watch it prior to selecting your size)

Watch the short video on the benefits of these gloves


Special needs and requests? Email us at other colors available on special order.

When ordering, please specify whether you want Man's Glove Size or Woman's Glove Size.

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