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My Horses Have Something to Say by David De Wispelaere
Xenophon Press

My Horses Have Something to Say by David De Wispelaere

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In his second book, My Horses Have Something to Say, David De Wispelaere writes intimately about his extraordinary life with the many unforgettable horses that accompanied him. Their whisperings to him are revealed in this book. The essence of his conversation with horses is that they should be trained in an atmosphere of calm and understanding. De Wispelaere candidly describes a path to listening and harmonious coexistence with the horse.

“I like to invite my horse to dance with me, not step into the boxing ring,”

writes David De Wispelaere, for whom harmony in handling horses is the prime directive.


Born in 1961 in New York, David De Wispelaere is an international dressage rider, trainer, and author, who worked for many years from his farm in Belgium and is currently based in Wellington, Florida. He has trained several horses to Grand Prix, was a two-time US Freestyle Champion and competed successfully throughout the USA and Europe. He has trained with a number of well-known and distinguished trainers, among them Gabriella Grillo, Dr. Reiner Klimke, Herbert Rehbein, and Arthur Kottas. De Wispelaere currently gives clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and the USA. In his first book, Riding with Feeling (not yet available in English), De Wispelaere gives insightful instruction for dressage work.

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