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Horsewatching by Desmond Morris (used)

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The author of the phenomenally successful Catwatching, Dogwatching, and Catlore turns his attention to horses, answering more than 40 intriguing questions about the nature of the horse, and discussing the myths and history of horses through the ages. Desmond Morris delights animal lovers once again in this book of facts and lore. 25 Black-and-White drawings.

Why does a horse whinny and everything else you ever wanted to know

Horsewatching is full of fascinating questions ad answers about our equine companions. Among them:

  • How do horses find their way home?
  • Why do racehorses not run faster each year?
  • How do a horse's teeth show its age?
  • How expressive is a horse's face?
  • Why is a horse called a horse?
  • And many, many more

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