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Volume 1
Horsemanship Part I: The Education of The Rider
Horsemastership Part II: The Education of the Horse
This classic book presents the efforts of the US Cavalry Board, of Brigadier General Chamberlin, and of the other American cavalrymen who traveled the world in a quest for equestrian knowledge. The complete series served as the US Cavalry’s “equestrian bible.” It educated and inspired the founders of the civilian United States Equestrian Team. It educated and inspired so many others who exerted so much influence on American equestrian sport.

These texts were written to devise a system by which ordinary laypeople (recruits) could be taught to ride in a pragmatic, easy-to-follow method. Further, the method for teaching Horsemanship: Part I was devised so that it did not rely on the rider’s inherent talent for riding (or lack thereof.) The beauty of the method is that it is democratic and pragmatic in its approach. Similarly, the training of the horse outlined in Horsemastership: Part II, is applicable to grade horses irrespective of their innate ride-ability or trainability. The Cavalry came by horses by a variety of means and the stock was of varied talent. The methods outlined in Part II when applied,  and followed, will work with most any horse. What was true 80-100 years ago is still relevant today; equine nature has not changed in the past 100 years.

This project is made possible through the joint efforts of Xenophon Press and the US Cavalry Association. 
ISBN:  9781948717328

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