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Horseback Riding by Sheila Wall Hundt (Used)
Xenophon Press

Horseback Riding by Sheila Wall Hundt (Used)

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     A complete, fully illustrated, step-by-step guide for the beginner, including useful hints for the experienced rider. 

     This book explains all the fundamentals of horseback riding. The text is simple and clear, and every important point is illustrated by a photograph. 

     From the first page, where the author traces the history of the horse and its relationship with man, this book emphasizes the solid satisfaction to be taken from horseback riding. She begins by telling you how to groom your horse. Then, in natural progression, she describes the technique of the walk, the trot, the canter, and the gallop. 

     Charts and illustrations show you how to feed and care for your mount, pinpoint common faults in riding and give examples of perfection. To increase the enjoyment of riding for you, there is information on "pony clubs," where they are and how to join them. And for those who feel secure in the fundamentals, the author tells what is involved in fox hunting and riding with cross-country, naming the areas in the U.S. where these activities are enjoyed. 

     Above all, this book wilily the foundation for a comfortable and happy rider on equally happy and confident mount. 

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