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Horse Safety Handbook by Peggy Bradbury (Used)

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     Peggy Bradbury is a free-lance writer with a lifelong interest in horses. From the trails or Oregon to the bridle paths of the Vienna Woods, she has participated - safely- in a variety of riding activities ranging from formal instruction with a former Olympic horseman to her favorite horseback sport of trail riding. Although she has worked with an assortment of specialty horses, her longest-time equine partner has been an all-purpose Morgan gelding "with a personality like Star Trek's Mr. Spock."

     Peggy became a full-time professional writer in 1962, and many of her articles have appeared in HORSEMAN Magazine. With due respect for the professionals of the world, she cares most about the personal horse relationships of the one-horse owner or horse-owning family and the young people getting started with horses. This is her third HORSEMAN BOOK. Although she sometimes writes for non horse adult magazines, she works primarily in children's literature as a picture book and juvenile periodical author. She is a charter member and regional advisor of the Society of Children's Book Writers and a member of the Circus Fans Association of America and is the founder and director of the South Texas Writers' Rally, an annual instructional conference for writers. Peggy lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband Charles and son Herbie. 

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