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Give Your Horse a Chance: The Training of Horse and Rider for Three-Day Events, Show-Jumping and Hunting (Hardcover) by A. L. D'Endrody

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Many masters of horsemanship have studied horses and riding over the last centuries, but few have given the subject greater consideration than Agoston d'Endrdy. In preparing this book, he gave considerable thought to the practical principles of riding and to the process of becoming a good rider. And he explains why horses perform more or less successfully according to whether they are mounted by a talented rider or by one of limited natural abilities. In Give Your Horse a Chance, his goal is to reduce the disparity between these two divisions of riders by carefully delineating the processes of good riding and training. The first part of the book explains the proper development of horse and rider so that both learn to enjoy their work. The latter part offers excellent, concise training advice for combined training and show jumping. Lt. Col. d'Endrdy was a member of the Hungarian Olympic Three-Day Event Team, a member of the Hungarian International Show Jumping Team, and a champion race rider.

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