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Getting Started in Lightness DVD
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Getting Started in Lightness DVD

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Getting Started in Lightness DVD : The French Classical Dressage of Francois Baucher As Taught by Jean Claude Racinet Presented by one of his students: Lisa Maxwell. This DVD captures the essence of the principles of riding in lightness as taught by Jean Claude Racinet. Whether you simply want the pleasure of a horse who responds to light aids or you aspire to high levels of dressage, Getting Started in Lightness offers practical help for horses of any breed and riders at any level. Designed to be a visual reference for Mr. Racinet's book Another Horsemanship, the video conveys the "feel" and look of correct work and some of the common problems a student may encounter. The carefully crafted segments clearly show the gymnastic exercises, pivots, pirouettes, reverse pirouettes and how these develop into self-carriage and collection. A variety of horses of different breeds are used to illustrate a progression of training. A number of riders demonstrate the exercises to deepen and improve your seat as shown in Another Horsemanship. The DVD features footage of Jean Claude Racinet teaching and training as well as students of Lisa Maxwell. Lisa studied with Jean Claude in a continuing series of private clinics from 2003 until his death in 2009.


  • DVD: One DVD
  • ISBN: 1930730268
  • Minutes: 95 minutes
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