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Fritz Rudolph Hug reproduction Zebras on canvas 22x28

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Large Vintage Mid Century Fritz Rudolph Hug Zebra Lithograph Print 28 x 22.


Fritz Rudolf Hug was a 20th-century Swiss artist known for his charismatic paintings and drawings of wild animals. He often travelled to zoos and throughout different countries in Africa to closely observe animals in person, creating his highly accurate works from life. Born on March 19, 1921 in Dornach, Switzerland, Hug spent much of his childhood in Indonesia, where he developed an interest in the wildlife around him. He later went on to study at the School of Applied Arts Zürich in Switzerland and developed his reputation for specializing in detailed depictions of various creatures. In 1964, Hug notably produced 100 works on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund, depicting endangered species of animals and birds with the goal of raising funds and awareness for their protection. The artist died on January 29, 1989 in Speicherschwendi, Switzerland.

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