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Elegant Dressage Training: The Art of Classical Dressage Training DVDs 1, 2 & 3

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The intention of classical dressage trainer Anja Beran's DVD series is to give riders a different understanding of dressage and to make it clear that dressage is made for the horse and not vice versa! Together with her mentor Manuel Jorge de Oliveira, Beran shows that only correct dressage work develops a true riding horse. With well-conditioned musculature, and mental as well as physical balance, the horse matures and develops into a self-confident and satisfied riding partner for his whole — and hopefully long — life. Beran explains how horses can benefit from proper dressage training. She starts with a physical evaluation of the horse's weaknesses and asymmetries, and continues with specific exercises to improve his body shape and muscle tone. Gracefulness, aesthetics, harmony, and ease are the fascinating result of her training methods.

In this DVD, Beran works with a Westphalian gelding named Flamingo. Although he has experienced many ups and downs, he proves a perfect example of how classical dressage training is not only for Iberian horses.

In addition, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, author of the international bestseller Tug of War, explains the scientifically important aspects of classical training.

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