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Dressage Questions Answered  by Charles de Kunffy- slightly used
Xenophon Press

Dressage Questions Answered by Charles de Kunffy- slightly used

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Dressage Questions Answered for intermediate and the most advanced.

This book is a classic. For those not familiar with De Kunffy he is a modern master of dressage. He has ridden and trained riders to the highest levels with tremendous attention to detail that produces consistent and effective equitation. He is part of a dying breed of those who learned the traditions directly handed from master to pupil and as such a living treasury of information. This is so important as so much of riding is living art and cannot be learned from books. What books give us is a deeper understanding and in this book, he examines many facets of dressage not necessarily as a "how-to" manual (although there is a huge amount of information) but more as a series of discussions on various topics pertaining to it. it is truly one of those books that helps the rider connect the dots and understand how things fit in "the big picture". Many light bulb moments. I recommend it so highly that I have a personal copy and another I loan to students!  - 


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