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Dressage in lightness speaking the horses language by Sylvia Loch gently used copy

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"Dressage in Lightness" is a must for anyone who wants to know how their horse feels, moves and thinks in each and every dressage movement from straight lines and circles through to piaffe and passage. Concepts such as collection, outline, engagement and the weight aids are explained in simple but unerring detail. Sylvia Loch believes that the correct classical seat, elegance and the subtle aiding of the horse are of utmost importance. In this book she re-emphasises all the traditional classical aids taking the reader step-by-step through the schooling process from basic flatwork to the High School movements. Importantly, the book looks at things as much from the horse's perspective as it does from the rider's and insists that, for the horse to 'blossom', harmony, lightness and the right attitude must always prevail. The author's long scholarship and thirty-five years of teaching experience are reflected in this book. The development of an almost telepathic sensitivity with her own schoolmasters has taken her teaching to a higher plane and enabled her to help 'quite ordinary people with ordinary horses' to reach levels far beyond all expectations. One of her pupils has said 'Her methods are so logical they not only work for me; they also work for my horse that is at last enjoying his dressage!' Sylvia believes there are two types of student: those who wish to be helped themselves - being well aware that a good result in their horse has to start with them - and those who only want the horse corrected. "Dressage in Lightness" will help all students develop a more thoughtful way of riding by showing them how a horse ticks, how he learns and what motivates him. This fascinating and thought-provoking book is profusely illustrated with fine colour photographs and line illustrations

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