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Dressage for Beginners by R.L.V. ffrench Blake (used)

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U.S. Edition

Introduction by John H. Fritz

Follows American Horse Shows Association Rules

     The perfect book for the beginner in dressage. It is brief, clear, authoritative - the work of an acknowledged expert to fill the need for a basic handbook addressed to riders and their teachers. 

     Colonel French Blake clarifies the basic principles of dressage, explains how to apply them with all kinds of horses and ponies, and outlines how the rider should work to make steady progress.

     To explain dressage competition, he goes step by step through one of the standard tests, first from the point of view of horse and rider and then from that of the judge, explaining marking and comments and the kinds of things the judge is watching for. First Level Test 1 (also used in combined Training) is the test ridden. 

     First published in England, Dressage For Beginners has been enthusiastically adopted around the world. This special United States edition has been revised by the author according to American Horse Shows Association rules. Says John J. Fritz, chairman of the AHSA Dressage Committee, in his Introduction: "There has long been a cry for a good book on basic dressage, one which would provide an introduction to dressage as both a method of triningin and as an equestrian competition, a guide to instructors as well as to riders...Well written and illustrated and aimed at the non-professional Pony Club, 4-H, or riding club instructor as well as the novice rider, it is a useful book by a horseman with great experience in training of dressage horses and riders."

     Every point is explained with the help of drawings and diagrams. Easy directions are included for building the large and small arenas. 


     "Every aspiring rider, and even those who will never ride a test, should read it."

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