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Communicating with Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving (The Making of a Perfect Horse, Part II) Hardcover - John Lyons - gently used

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Training horses is easier than most people think. Because horses are so forgiving and adaptable, they adjust their behavior when training becomes consistent. However, in order for the requests and rewards to make sense to the horse, the trainer needs a lesson plan. In this book, we’ll give you the lesson plans you need, beginning in the round pen, the horse’s first classroom. Topics covered: Choosing a Round Pen, Getting Started in the Round Pen, Sacking Out o First-Saddling Essentials, Spook in Place , First Ride o The Don’t Shy Cue o A Horse’s Attention, Why a Snaffle Bit, Trailer Loading 101, Trailer Dilemmas.

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