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Classical Dressage with Anja Beran

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Every rider would like to ride their horse as well as possible. But how should that be done? This book explains why, and above all, how it should be done according to classical principles. I this context every horse is to be observed according to its own individual merits. Where does it have problems? How does it manifest its natural crookedness? What about its character?

According to the classical principles, a suitable strategy can be found to suit every horse and bring it into balance. Anja Beran aims to preserve this knowledge, which today is on the verge of extinction, and make it available in a practical and understandable form to every interested rider. She discusses the movements and describes how to work on them. Subsequently, she provides detailed explanations of potential problems in connection with the movements, and also what can be done to solve them. 


  • The analysis: a well-proven method of procedure as a prerequisite for successful training.
  • Training according to the analysis: basic work and lateral movements as an important instrument
  • The movements, from Spanish walk to pirouette and from piaffe to canter flying changes, and logically and comprehensively explained
  • The result of successful training
  • A checklist to enable the rider to assess their horse.

"Classical equestrianism represents the basis of all other equestrian disciplines. It serves exclusively to keep the horse healthy, strengthen it and help it develop into an attractive and expressive personality." - Anja Beran

ISBN: 9781948717366

color hardcover

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