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Advanced Muscle Therapy for Horses

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Evaluation, Treatment, Conditions & Joint Function

Featuring Mike Scott, LMT, CSF; Joyce Falese, LMT; and Nancy Thompson, DVM

This DVD focuses on equine therapy Symmetry Evaluation (Mike Scott), Advanced Muscle Therapy Techniques (Presented by Mike Scott and Joyce Falese), Conditions (live horse and lab, presented by Mike Scott) and joint function (Presented by Nancy Thompson DVM).

Presented are some techniques that have made Mike the successful practitioner that he has been for over 30 years. They are presented in a fashion that is easy to follow and with no harm to the horse. The importance of what a proper symmetry evaluation tells us is underrated. See in the DVD how you can detect a potential problem that may be hindering your horses or your client’s progress. This presentation covers these topics in depth like no other.

“As a practicing Equine Massage Therapist it is essential that you are able to visualize in your “mind’s eye” the structures beneath the skin so that you can administer effective and appropriate treatment. In particular, you must hav an in-depth knowledge of muscle attachments and the orientation of the muscle fibers. This level of proficiency can only be achieved through intensive study of anatomy texts and/or cadaver specimens in combination with repeated palpation of the horse. This practice will not only help you gain confidence but will in-turn, increase your value as a practitioner and help you gain credibility with clients.” ~ Nancy F. Thompson, DVM.

Note: We urge you to work in conjunction with veterinarians and appropriate referral systems. It is not the therapist’s job to diagnose or “cure” lameness.

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