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Activate Your Horse's Core by Hilary Clayton and Narelle Stubbs
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Activate Your Horse's Core by Hilary Clayton and Narelle Stubbs

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Activate Your Horse's Core:Unmounted Exercises for Dynamic Mobility, Strength & Balance Spiral-bound,consists of a 95 minute DVD and a step-by-step manual with laminated pages and spiral binding that can be taken to the barn. The DVD and manual show how to perform exercises that mobilize the joints and engage the muscles used to round and stabilize the horse's neck, back and pelvis during athletic activities. In addition to improving strength and flexibility, these exercises will improve your horse's posture, self-carriage and balance, especially in the highly-collected movements. The exercises are performed from the ground and do not require sophisticated equestrian skills or special equipment. The exercises have been designed by a veterinarian and a physical therapist to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries by strengthening the muscles of your horse's core.

Dr. Hilary Clayton is a veterinarian, researcher and rider. After graduating from the Glasgow University Veterinary College in 1973 she spent two years working in a mixed practice in Scotland before returning to the academic environment to complete a PhD. She worked as an academic veterinarian and researcher at veterinary colleges in Great Britain, The Netherlands, Canada and the USA. In 1997, Dr. Clayton became the first incumbent of the Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine at Michigan State University. Dr. Clayton’s research interests are in the area of equine sport science, especially biomechanics and conditioning of sport horses, and the interaction between rider and horse. Her research involves using sophisticated equipment and computer programs to analyze the horse’s gaits and movement patterns. She has published five books (Conditioning Sport Horses, Colour Atlas of Large Animal Applied Anatomy, Equine Locomotion, The Dynamic Horse, Clinical Anatomy of the Horse) and many scientific manuscripts on these topics. Dr. Clayton is a past President of the Association for Equine Sports Medicine, and a former Board Member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

  • ISBN13:: 9780974767017
  • Minutes: 95 MINUTES
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