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A Journey through the Horse's Body by Dr. Christina Fritz

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Xenophon Press brings to print this important work:

How does a horse work? What does it need to be able to move, breathe, and eat? Which structures of its body can we see and feel?

Which functions can we observe?
This book answers these and many other questions. Particular attention is paid to the musculoskeletal system because it is very important to the horse as a flight animal. The functions of the internal organs, the skin, the nervous system, and the senses are also explained.

An abundance of easily remembered diagrams and photographs make even complicated associations easy to understand.

From the contents:
• Basic Anatomical Principles
•  Musculoskeletal System
•  Cardiovascular System
•  Lymphatic System
•  Respiratory System
•  Digestive System
•  Genitourinary System
•  Skin and Skin Appendages
•  Nervous System

ISBN: 978-1948717427

All-Color Hardcover

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