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Austrian Art of Riding by Werner Poscharnigg

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How did Austria come to be the safe hold of such a wealth of equestrian tradition?

Dr. Werner Poscharnigg eloquently answers this question by chronicling the development of classical practices in this region of Europe. Austrian Art of Riding traces the contributions of pivotal Austrian horsemen through 500 years of elegance and ease in equestrian art. Over 140 illustrations—many previously unpublished or little-known—along with inaccessible documents reveal the development of a culture of the thinking rider imbued with careful, loving training that results in a healthy, durable high school horse.

Equestrians worldwide who admire fine horsemanship and seek the subtle, passionate, masterful handling of the horse, will find the methods they pursue here, in Austrian horsemanship as they have been for centuries.


 “Dr. Werner Poscharnigg’s stunningly produced Austrian Art of Riding is special for….the incredible illustrations which show good balance in both man and horse in different situations and….a shining pride of achievement, commitment of endeavour and desire for perfection.” – Sylvia Loch

Austrian Art of Riding is a major contribution to the understanding of classical riding principles…The Austro-Hungarian classical training method is without fear of force, artifice and cruelty. Instead, it is a monument to impeccable trust between horse and rider. The ennobled horse becomes able to move better than he ever could have had he been left alone in nature. Through correct riding, the rider is elevated in character and his virtues are multiplied.” – Charles de Kunffy

“Austrian Art of Riding…leads the reader on an exciting journey through the Cultural History of Austria, illuminating five centuries of equestrian advances. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, the European cradle and sanctuary of classical riding since the Baroque era is masterfully documented in text and illustrations. Historical events are harmoniously melded with the equestrian milestones of the Riding Masters of the past.” – Karl Mikolka

Dr.Werner Poscharnigg’s writing is appreciated the world over for its eloquent style, polished language and reliable expertise. This learned horseman, speaking from personal experience and accurate research, takes us on a pleasurable reading journey rich in detailed information. He makes his home near Graz, in Southern Austria.

This beautiful book, is the anticipated English translation of Meilensteine österreichischer Reitkunst: Eine europäische Kulturgeschichte (German edition ISBN:978-1481930093)

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