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Charles de Kunffy Value Bundle: 2 books & 1 DVD included
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Charles de Kunffy Value Bundle: 2 books & 1 DVD included

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 Enjoy Savings on the best three of Charles de Kunffy's publications:

The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Expanded Edition:

The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Expanded Edition calls the reader to a re-dedication to the art of riding and the traditions of classical horsemanship. Charles de Kunffy challenges the reader to ask questions such as “Should competition challenge or reinforce classical horsemanship?” Furthermore, “What characteristics should be cultivated to transform the rider into a complete horse person? 
What are the individual’s responsibilities to the preservation of classical horsemanship and academic equitation?”
De Kunffy explains the true meanings of: non-confrontational riding and training, “on the bit,” engagement, the development of the correct seat, and the use of hands and reins. He offers valuable advice on seeking instruction in classical dressage training. 
In the chapter entitled “Succinct Principles,” de Kunffy doubles his single sentences kernels of wisdom from the first edition.

This monumental contribution to equestrian literature is embellished with even more carefully-selected images of equestrian statues than the original edition. The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Expanded Edition also includes additional chapters, recommended for the serious equestrian wanting to be simultaneously challenged and inspired. This book is sure to reaffirm the rider’s dedication to an ethical approach to classical dressage.

A Rider's Survival from Tyranny:

Charles de Kunffy retells the dramatic events of his privileged and turbulent young life. A European nobleman in the stormy years of World War II and the Hungarian Revolution persevered to become a prominent equestrian. During the Soviet occupation, de Kunffy finds a life-saving island of tranquility in the ancient art of classical horsemanship.

Fascinating accounts of his great mentors, ‘professor’ horses and remarkable characters are vividly described against an uncertain historical landscape. The author’s account of life under brutal tyranny, and the victorious survival of a civilized mind are a testament to a determined and sensitive spirit.

Tragic at times, funny at others, this true-life tale of travel through a rugged social landscape is graced with equestrian salvation.


The Art of Traditional Dressage DVD : THE SEAT AND AIDS

Volume I Seat and Aids: An educational DVD that is expertly articulated by Charles de Kunffy, world-renowned clinician, 14 years as an FEI Judge, and author of five books on Classical Dressage.

The centerpiece of this DVD is a unique and thorough description of how to obtain the correct rider's position on horseback and how to maintain it in motion by  integrating the the rider's structure with the horse's motion.
Invaluable information that is simply not taught anymore.
This is becoming a lost art, but it is explained here and demonstrated by the author.?

This video provides the means to achieving excellence in Classical Dressage:

  • Experience the passion of correct equitation
  • Discover how to obtain the perfect seat and why you must have it
  • Explore Classical Dressage and perceive its benefits
  • Acquire the precise leg position and the proper use of the leg
  • Learn principals that are effective on any horse
  • Learn how to create beautiful form through proper posture, position and aids
  • Understand the use of hands and reins in their proper function
  • Discover lunging exercises to achieve eloquence
  • Acquire the means to achieving harmony between horse and rider

This easy to follow, succinctly communicated video comprehensively presents the classical equitation system.


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