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Both Pedro Yglésias de Oliveira BOOKS
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Both Pedro Yglésias de Oliveira BOOKS

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1. Art of the Lusitano:

In the 18th century, the Lusitano was considered the best saddle horse in the world. This book combines illustrations from that century and contemporary art to portray the journey of this great breed through history. The original illustrations from Manoel Carlos de Andrade’s 18th century monumental text, Luz da Liberal, e Nobre Arte da Cavallaria, act as backdrops for the stars of today’s Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. Today's living equestrian art juxtapose with the engraving art of the 18th century show amazing likenesses. The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art does a fantastic job of keeping traditional Portuguese equitation alive and thriving. The second part of the book features today's competitive Lusitano stallions and their accomplished riders set in front of gorgeous colorful contemporary paintings. Pedro Yglésias de Oliveira is the official photographer of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

This is an art book, a breed book, and true inspiration! Full color, hard cover.

2. From the Real Picaria of the 18th century to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art by Pedro Yglesias de Oliveira and Emilia Celestino da Costa

In recreating the prestigious Real Picaria, the 18th century Equestrian Academy of the Portuguese Royal Court, the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art continues one of the oldest and most brilliant Portuguese traditions.

Since ancient times, Portugal has cultured a fondness for horses and their uses. In the 15th century, Dom Duarte, King of Portugal published the first treatise on riding. It was from the Iberian Peninsula that the principles of Equestrian Art reached Renaissance Italy, and later spread  to the rest of the civilized world.

Since bullfighting on horseback has been in continuous practice on the Iberian Peninsula, the same type of horses, the way of riding, the saddles, and the costumes that were used in the 18th century have been maintained, inspiring the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

This book is a tribute to the beautiful Lusitano horse, and to all equestrians who, over the centuries, and in spite of variable circumstances, have protected and disseminated the Portuguese equestrian traditions, especially those now practiced at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

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