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Reflections for Every Day of Lent - Paperback – 2022 by Sister Vassa Larin

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From Pre-Lent all the way to Bright Week, Sister Vassa joins you on your Lenten journey with a reflection for each day. The perfect gift, or for your own collection, this book is a great companion in keeping with the Church's Lenten "program" in today's day and age.

Each reflection is centered around one of the scripture readings assigned for the day or the hymnography of the Lenten Triodion, the liturgical book that contains all of the Lenten services in the Byzantine tradition.

The author's Foreword: This is a little book of daily reflections for Lent, the season of preparation for Easter or Pascha, according to the Byzantine liturgical calendar. I wrote it during the Lent of my very busy 2017, one day of Lent at a time, in the capital of Austria, Vienna, when I could not get to church-services often enough. Each reflection is on a topic either of one of the Scriptural readings of the day, or of the hymnography of the "Lenten Triodion," the Byzantine liturgical book that contains all the services concerning Lent.

I intend this book as a small offering to busy lay people, who may not have the time to "keep up" with the wealth of texts and services provided by the Byzantine tradition for Lent, but who, nonetheless, would like a daily, nurturing connection with the Church's Lenten "program" throughout their Lenten journey. May this book be helpful to you, my readers, as writing it was to me.

ISBN: 9781948717397

About the Author

Dr. Sister Vassa Larin, the host of the popular, online program, Coffee with Sister Vassa, is a scholar of Byzantine Liturgy and author of many publications, both scholarly and popular, on Eastern Orthodox spirituality and tradition. Born in Nyack, New York in a devout, Russian Orthodox family, Sister Vassa is now based in Vienna, Austria. For more on her internationally-acclaimed, online ministry: Coffee with Sister Vassa.

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