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Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind Gentle Gymnastic Training Techniques by Anja Beran
Xenophon Press

Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind Gentle Gymnastic Training Techniques by Anja Beran

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With the training of the horse in the “classical” artistic form first taught by Xenophon over 2,500 years ago at its heart, this honest examination of “horsemanship”—past, present, and future—stands alone today in its power of consciousness–raising. Anja Beran’s gentle, but insistent, demand that every rider and trainer, beginner or expert, turn a critical eye toward his or her own methods urges readers to never forego their principle responsibilities in terms of their horse’s development and welfare. Meticulous, conscientious attention to the physical evolution of the horse during training and patient, correct progression through levels of learning should always trump ribbons, prize money, and fame.

Within these pages Beran provides readers a twenty–first–century classical riding “how-to” guide. The beginning of the book is devoted to developing the rider's mind, physical condition, seat on the horse, and instruction. Then readers learn how to choose a horse and managing him properly. Finally, Beran explains the complete training of the horse in the classical ideal. Throughout, gorgeous color photographs demonstrate movements and lessons on horses at various stages of schooling. In addition, a final chapter on basic equine anatomy by the renowned German veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann affirms Beran’s methods with science.

Whether a novice rider with limited experience, or an expert equestrian; whether training a green youngster or polishing an advanced competitor, this lovely, thoughtful book provides the ultimate modern reference in classical training technique.

“For a long time now there has been a need for such a book—unreservedly dedicated to the well–being of the horse, despite training to the very highest level. It should become standard reading for every dedicated horse-lover.”—Klaus Balkenhol, Chef d‘Equipe US Dressage Team, 2001—Present

Author: Anja Beran
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 85 color, 25 b/w photos, 33 drawings
ISBN: 9781570763748

About the Author

ANJA BERAN spent a major part of her childhood at her grandfather’s hunting lodge in Bavaria, surrounded by hunting dogs and horses. There she decided she would one day either be a forester or a professional rider. Beran ultimately chose riding as her life’s work. Horses brought her to Portugal in 1985, where she initially rode with Luis Valenca, and later met and worked intensively with Manuel Jorge de Oliveira, who remains her mentor. At home in Germany, she spent 16 years under the tutelage of Marc de Broissia, training horses of all breeds before eventually managing and running Gut Rosenhof, an astoundingly beautiful mountain farm and training facility in Rudratsried, Bayern, Germany. Horses are now sent from all over the world to work with her and her outstanding staff—at Gut Rosenhof, every horse is allowed to develop at his own individual speed, gently, and with great care for the classical ideal of true horse and rider harmony.

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