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School of Legerete: Part 2 (DVD) - 103mins in English
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School of Legerete: Part 2 (DVD) - 103mins in English

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Philippe Karl, master of equitation and advocate of "légèreté" (lightness) is a world-renowned rider, trainer, and classical instructor. In his clinics he sensitively teaches the basics of classic equitation.This DVD series allows you to watch Philippe Karl work with his pupils, all of whom are licensed and future instructors of his School of Légèreté. He teaches average riders on a variety of horses — from appealing cart horses to eager Haflingers to noble equine competitors. Karl expressively adapts his teaching to the individual training standard of each horse-and-rider combination.


In both Part 1 and Part 2, all areas important to the systematic training of the horse are developed. This includes:

  • Beginning exercises that stimulate the horse's mouth
  • Bending work
  • Work in-hand
  • The development of stretching into self-carriage under saddle
  • Lateral movements up to the preparation and development of piaffe and passage
  • Because of the array of teaching situations and the diversity of different horse-and-rider combinations, every rider, regardless of ability or experience, can easily understand these DVDs and find valuable solutions for their riding.

    Philippe Karl, founder of the School of Légèreté, was a member of the famous Cadre Noir in France for 13 years. He is well known throughout the world as a riding instructor, trainer, and author. His impressive classical dressage presentations are treasured by those privileged enough to see them all over Europe. In clinics and courses, Karl presents the knowledge and the aesthetics of the founders of equitation, adapted to modern times.

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